rebecca sowray

I’m Rebecca; nice to e-meet you.  My stories and poems can be found on this site, the results of life’s collisions.

Collision Path is where I work; we do press releases, content writing, copy writing and journalism.

I’m privileged to work alongside the exceptionally talented folk at STIPE – the definitive R.E.M. tribute too.

The first paid job I did was fitting cartoon feet to yoghurt pots.  Everything after that has made more sense. Yorkshire raised and London taught.  After the yoghurt pots (Sylvester and Tweety Pie, if you’re asking), then charity worker, solicitor, band manager, musician, science student; now working in the arts.  I believe in local; the thing that is here; this moment now.  Everywhere is somebody’s local.  Everything’s connected; science and art, yesterday and tomorrow.

My writing has been published by Ink Sweat and Tears and Hour of Writes.  It’s been my pleasure to work with Operation Lightfoot producing the commissioned poem “Life Lived” which I wrote as a performance piece but works happily on the page.  I’ve co-written with Luke Moore for Minerva Arts and for a while I led Chester Micro Plays.  Writing’s an adventure …

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