Rain at Alexander’s

Evaporation conspired with cold to leave water on the glass
Each drop in the dark becomes a point source of light

A near infinity of stars, pointing to this stage
To this place more real than imagined

A bar: just bricks and mortar, structured and useful
A shelter from the day; life reduced to physical sustenance

You remove your coat, and here begins the reveal,
That smile, a conversation; each action lays a trace

We are not first here, others will follow
Each hungry to share; to offer a small piece of memory

And you are beautiful; delicate, dangerous, dreamers
Recklessly stepping outside the man-made view

Our dying sun, ever distant, allowing in the dark that
Forces from us this overflowing incandescence

It is an abstract part of you that remains; a glad payment
An element that belongs here, knows its place in complexity

Many together, myriad spheres of influence; both cause and effect
An unfathomable reservoir in which I am happy lost

We have danced here, barefoot, in a crowd, saturated in a fantasy
Where permanence is something fleeting, locked away

Only in exhaustion, mortal and chilled do we rest
The exit reflected in the mirror shows us our selves, waiting.

© Rebecca Sowray 29th November 2012

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