Live, loud and local

We’re often told to write what we know, but someone advised me to write what I was passionate about.   Actually that nails it; I think it worked.

Here’s a thing I wrote, nearly a year and half ago.  It was published by Eevee Life but the link has gone, but here are the words anyway.

So much has flowed from this one piece of writing.


Alexander’s Live, Chester
Live, loud and local.

Music is where our dreams go to refuel, hang out, catch up. If your fantasies are looking flabby then music makes them techni-colour, supersized and over the limit. It’s a truth that gets me out of bed in a morning; down the stairs to power up the radio.

But it’s the worst day of the week. You’ve got to work, the cat’s been sick, and it’s raining. The news is on selling fables of distant doom and politics, gigs and festivals you’ll never get to. Life may be out there; but you’re stuck here. Local. Going nowhere.

Take a deep breath. You’re wrong. Truth is that local is the best place. Ever. Because it’s got you in it and you’re going right up to that stage.

Being local means being close; in on the action. Local venues take you right to it, not isolated, but conveniently at the centre of things. Alexander’s Live, Rufus Court, Chester. This is local at its finest, an awesome place, early or late, whatever the weather.

The courtyard holds holiday sun and warms your morning coffee. Inside, even before a gig, the place is vibrant and intimate, gathered around bar and stage.

But the best bit. Music. Live music to reach into you, to make those dreams move, to fuel you to the next time; at once fabulous and diverse.

And comedy, the joke that is life and all those lies within. And if you need to get closer, louder? There are open mic nights for those with a burning desire to get on the other side of the microphone.

In this place: each band that ever played, all the friends that met, anyone whoever laughed or danced; they all left a little magic behind. Go and make it yours, dip into it and add to it for next time.

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Rebecca Sowray @RedStar240

Published 23rd April 2013


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