Here’s a thing. BREAK

Here’s a measure of abstraction; it’s what you get when you mix the best live music, me on holiday and some time writing. 

So it’s a poem, that might be itself, or the bones of a story, or maybe it’s lyrics.  I’ve altered the last lines, a little.  Thanks for all those who gave feedback for me.


My silence, broken by the hollow rattle
of tied boats.
Each rope anchors lost time.
Artificial light fills the empty quays.
Yesterday drowns here again.

You stole my simple days,
drew me as a lover.
Proved my existence
mattered more.

Winter carves rib-bones in the sand,
eats up heat.
Sunburn rested then in chairs
now chained in a forgetting orgy.

I held you then, hoping,
anonymous and unscarred.
And nothing else
mattered more.

Six days were our seaside island.
Us two, naked,
in a silvered, failing mirror.
I knew each hurt of yours.

The sea held your breath
before you chose to sink.
No descent ever
mattered more.

My first thoughts each day,
each absence in this loss.
Now, as then,
nothing matters more.

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