By Name

A poem; 21st June. It’s not for the Solstice either.

You gave me awkwardness, and a name;
that’s from Lebanon maybe,
or we hail from the south,
or Leeds. Who knows?
But you always
take the minority view;
because you can.
The name I keep;
to remember the rest.

You gave me stubbornness and direction.
You are the man,
who knows life’s not fair
and doesn’t get better.
I’ve a Savage grandma,
two brothers I never met;
the knowledge that blood runs thin
and our actions define us.

You gave me perspective; a first camera.
A skill with the technical,
a need to take things apart,
whilst wanting to mend.
You know all employers are bastards
and the good guy always loses.
That the night shift
was always brighter.

You gave me; contradiction and music;
endless nights of guitar,
always in the corner,
not the main light,
lyrics to rugby songs,
Sergio Mendes and Buddy Rich;
a belief that I must, above all else
keep going.


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