The wind flattened our tent in April, cancelled a flight in July. First world problems eh?

So I’m lying face down in the grass and if I were ten you’d say I was sulking? So here’s a bit of fun, some shameless R.E.M. plagiarism and a remembering.


I’m looking for four leaf clovers,
finding dozens of them.
Only they’re not really,
they’re just threes,
leaning on their friends.

There was another summer, sitting with my Gran.
Seeing who could spit cherry stones the furthest.
Her; delicate, petite, proper; heels and earrings.
Me; “a big girl”, all sorts of awkward, no earrings yet.
And I found a four leaf cover;
pressed it between the pages of 1984 in 1986
and had no proper wishes.
There was nothing that I lacked.

Today I’m sad, because I’m tired,
I’ve a cancelled flight and so many wishes,
great mountains of the bloody things,
untidy, ragged, heartfelt.

But these three leaved clovers, they’re the thing?
Like friends, everything I have leans on something.
Not wishing, but building, this day from yesterday.
So I find my best flat shoes and fresh earrings.
And pick a three leaf clover;
and I’ll borrow, seek inspiration,
mix ‘truth, heart and garbage’
and remember
there is nothing that I lack.



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